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FD-Busbar system Adaptor Dframe MCCB 3pole

  1. GE 7GSP029811R0003 8719431

Price on request

Connectivity 60mm system:Record Plus circuit breakers have been designed to be installed easily and quickly with conventional means. The devices can be screw mounted to a mounting plate or clicked to a symmetrical DIN rail and connected with busbars, cables, flex-bars and ring terminals in a multitude of configurations. However, if mounting and connecting the breaker can be cut down to a few simple, automateable tasks, installation can become easier and more cost effective.Based on these principles we have devised a unique system that allows the user to mount and connect the breaker before the installation. An adaptor device, specifically designed for the Record Plus breaker line and incorporating all the connection hardware, is fitted to the breaker using five to six simple screws. Once mounted the adaptor is then simply plugged on to a three or four pole busbar system already installed in the switchboard.