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Network Check

Industrial networks age. The older they become, the greater the risk of malfunctions and network failures. Think of red light bulbs, unexplained movements or alarms. Is your network malfunctioning and do you use Profibus as a field bus to control the production process? Then ask for our Profibus network check. We will check the relevant network at your location. With our equipment we perform a physical check and check connections, connectors and cabling. 

Gain insight

After our network check, you will receive:

- a report with our recommendations
- an overview of our measurement results
- a discussion of points for improvement
- an assessment of the network with advanced equipment
- an estimation of the time required


A Profibus network check enables you to determine the cause of a failure in your industrial network. You can then have the failure resolved by us or by another party. Would you like to know more about a Profibus network check? Make an appointment on the phone with one of our experts.

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