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Pharma & Chemicals


The modern world cannot do without pharma and chemicals for its health and daily needs. However, both industries are often faced with a critical public, because of, among other things, environmental impact, (alleged) lack of safety and high prices. This means that they must do everything possible to operate safely and efficiently, while maintaining and further increasing their standards of quality.


Pharmaceutical and chemical companies work with complex processes and installations that are characterised by a high level of automation. Process control, quality assurance and safety require a broad deployment of sensors and actuators. With a view to providing flexibility in the instrumentation of the extensive installations, today’s control is preferably done over a wireless network. This means that, for example, the Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing in these industries.


A continuous process is often involved, and downtime due to malfunction or maintenance is highly undesirable. This places high demands on the design and execution of the installations. They must be reliable and robust and at the same time be corrosion-resistant. Aggressive substances can be involved in both manufacturing and the associated cleansing. In some cases, explosion protection is also rears its head. At the end of the line, the product’s packaging requires special attention. This needs to be done carefully and safely at a high level of finish that is commensurate with its value.


In pharma and chemicals, companies want to focus increasingly on their core competencies: the development and marketing of products. However, the production processes and the ‘peripherals’ do demand a lot of attention. A party that can relieve them of this is the technical value-added distributor. He has a very broad knowledge of industrial automation, including IoT, and provides the necessary technology for this. He can also provide mechanical and electrotechnical supplies with a wide range of high-quality components and products. He furthermore takes on the tasks of logistics and servicing and organises these efficiently. This is how this partner has a healthy influence on both sectors.

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