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Spare Parts Service

You work with sustainable machines and you count on their reliability. Many machines still operate every day even after twenty years. And then suddenly you may need to replace a part: that's why itsme offers spare parts service.

You tell us which defective part you want to replace, and we provide an original part solution. We have a lot of wearing parts for machines and equipment in stock, which can be shipped immediately. If that is not the case, we will order the part directly from the supplier and ensure a fast delivery.

In addition, we offer you the possibility to manage your stock of spare parts. Either on location or else at one of our locations. This efficient service ensures that the required part is always available, that your equipment can function according to plan and that your operation works smoothly.

Do you want to know more about our spare parts service? Get in contact. We will call you within one business day.

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Your machinery should work for you. That sounds logical, although you are confronted with a lot of practical matters during the cause of the day. For example, how do you optimally organize the maintenance process of installations? When do you order which part? And not unimportantly: how do you ensure that everything in in place, without having to worry about it too much?
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Special packaging
Orders must arrive on time at the place of destination. Without damage, anywhere in the world. Ask us about the possibilities for special packaging. We package your product as you wish and provide it with all necessary documents for shipment, such as customs documents and MSDS sheets.
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    Festo VHEF
    Whether the mechanism is triggered by a workpiece, a component or a person, manual or mechanical valves are the most direct way to control a process. There is no energy to convert, no additional response times, no long cables. The actuated plunger switches the valve and triggers the next step in the process. The new series now comes with many functions for use directly in the field.
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    Dormer Sharkline 2020
    Dormer Pramet has expanded their range of Shark Line taps with a new assortment for high strength steels and titanium alloys. Available in spiral point: 'E334' and spiral flute: 'E335' geometries for through and blind hole threading respectively, the new taps provide high performance and process security in hardened and tempered materials below 45 HRC.
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