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What we do

Making others succeed; making you succeed!

We are an international group of five companies. Together, we rely on many years of experience, which we use to provide technical support to our customers in the industry. We help industrial end users, machine and module building  and industrial installing companies with a wide range of electrical and mechanical products and solutions.    

We help in many ways

With innovation changing our world every single day, our customers are constantly looking for new ways. Some reinvent themselves, others get to specialise more and more. It all comes down to the pursuit of each company to stay ahead and so we help our customers in becoming – and remaining – successful. As a distributor, we support them by acting as a one-stop shop. In addition to supplying the right products within the right time, at the right price and of good quality, we also support our customers with in-depth technical expertise. We have, for example, consultants in the field of Industrial Automation, Lighting and Connected Business who will be glad to think along with you to come up with the best solution! 

Plenty of room for self development

Add all that together and you could surely say that itsme offers specific solutions to match each unique situation; aimed at the success of our customers, who we help with conviction, experience and quality. Our team currently consists of 550 employees, spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Romania and Spain. If you are going to empower our organization, you are going to be part of a family business with a culture in which we only strive for the best. With plenty of room for your talents and plenty of room to work on our customers’ success. Care to build along?

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itsme Group
itsme is the family name for an international, independent group of five organizations. A group of companies that offer innovative technology and supply to industry, machine building, module builders and industrial installers. For both the design of new systems and the improvement of current installations, we help industrial companies to increase revenue, lower risks and reduce costs.
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Our customer advisors, technical specialists and logistics experts will gladly assist you personally with your commercial and technical concerns relating to our electrical and mechanical products, services and solutions.
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About us
In 2010, the international itsme group itsme: Industrial Technology and Suppply for Mechanical and Electrical, took over over Breemes. As a result, the supply of technical and logistical services at Breemes has been expanded. In addition, cooperation with our sister companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania and Spain provides our customers with benefits such as: internationally agreed contractual agreements, state of the art technical solutions and sharing of best industry practices.
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We support our customers in achieving success through the selection of and implementation of electrical and mechanical components and systems, services and logistics. Together with our technical support we ensure that customers are able to focus on their core activities.
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