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Machine Safety Risk Assessment

Are your machines properly protected? Are there sufficient guards? And also: do the machines have facilities for an emergency stop? After an inspection in accordance with the Machinery Directive, you can tick the box on all those questions. You can equip your machines with a CE marking, with which you comply with the European directive. And what's more, what matters most: you put the safety of the user first.

​​​​​​​Ask us for a report

Take it for granted and ask us for an inspection according to the Machinery Directive. We visit you with a qualified partner, assess your machines and check whether they meet all requirements. You receive our findings in a report, which shows that you make work of machine safety, as required by Inspection SZW. You will also find  in our report the required investments in order to comply with the Machinery Directive.


Would you like to know more?

Ensure safe use of your machines. Inquire about an inspection according to the Machinery Directive by one of our qualified partners and discover the value of our assessment and report. Contact us, you will hear from us within one working day.

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NEN 3140 assessment
Safety comes first. Whatever happens. Therefore, ask us for an annual inspection according to the NEN 3140 standard, intended for safe working with and at low-voltage installations. With the inspection and certification you meet the safety requirements as applied by the SZW inspection. This provides certainty in terms of your responsibility, and it shows that a working environment should simply be as safe as possible for you.
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Tool inventarisation and optimisation
Suppose you are going to work with a new project. Do your employees really have all the tools at hand? Or are you at risk of missing something, with delays as a result? Trust our tool inventarisation and optimisation. While we ensure that every toolbox always contains everything, you can focus on other things. A nice idea.
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    You'd rather know in advance
    Components of an automation system are normally used for a very long time during their life cycle. It is therefore questionable whether the component is still available in the event of failure. It is therefore important to manage the life cycle proactively. Timely information about the availability of spare parts, for example, is one of the most important planning criteria here.
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    That sounds safe
    The PSENmlock door handle module gives you a handle with an integrated actuator and an integrated escape release – perfect for the safety gate system PSENmlock. The yellow handle (outside) enables extension of the actuator to open or close the gate. The escape release is operated with the red handle (inside). The PSENmlock door handle module is suitable for fitting on the inside and the outside of the gate as well as for right-hinged and left-hinged gates. It has a locking insert for up to five locks to prevent the machine from restarting and can be used with the coded and fully coded PSENmlock switches.
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