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Second Opinion

You go for certainty, also when it comes to the future lighting at your production location. We are happy to assess your existing lighting design, whether it is your investment or the technical specifications of the lighting. After receiving the required documentation, we will send you a report free of charge within one week.

Substantiated report

If you agree with our offer, we will assess your lighting design and explain our findings. If the existing design is correct, we will explain why it is correct. If it can be improved, we will explain how and why. In that case, we offer you an alternative for your lighting solution. Curious about what such a report looks like? Feel free to ask! 

Call our experts

Would you like a second opinion about your lighting design? Do you want to know what the benefits for your organisation will be? Make an appointment with one of our experts.

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Energy check
Cost reduction, fewer CO2 emissions: you have good reasons to save on energy. But where do you start in the world of industrial automation? How do you discover which installation uses the most energy? Ask us for an energy check. We measure your energy use, divided per component or area and provide a written report of our findings. This creates a detailed overview. And you will discover which measures will save you the most in the future.
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