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Connected Business

Professionals often ask themselves: 'Can we make this logistics process more efficient and effective? Connected Business from itsme answers that question. Connected Business ensures that the various internal processes within your company are carried out in the desired manner: more efficiently and more effectively. You will be amazed at the cost savings that can be achieved.

Connected Business optimises your physical product flow and helps to improve your financial flow and administrative information flow (such as ordering and planning information). By automating the information flow, we ensure a perfect exchange of information between the different parts of your company. This automation does not change the process itself, but it will certainly make it more efficient and bring about a considerable reduction in costs.

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Vendor Managed Inventory
With our solutions for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), you can never go wrong again. While you focus on your core business, itsme manages the stock in your warehouse. We replenish stock on time and thus reduce the risk of line stoppages and production delays.
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Kitting keeps the momentum going. Several articles come together in one kit, numbered as one article number and assembled as you wish. A kit is therefore pre-eminently a customised product. Delivered directly by us, without you having to worry about any preparation.
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Spare Parts Optimisation Service
SPOS stands for Spare Parts Optimisation Service. Digitalisation of your stock results in a single clear file for your purchasing or asset management system. With SPOS from itsme, you have immediate access to a clearly structured storage and layout of your warehouse and the search for spare parts will become a thing of the past.
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Do you also prefer to occupy yourself with your screws and bolts as little as possible? Then get to know our self-scanning solution and its advantages. It simplifies the ordering procedure of such small material and works towards more efficiency and optimal availability per product.
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Customer Specific Stock
Some items must always be available, even if they are not part of itsme's standard range. In that case, you can make use of the options for a customer-specific stock. Based on agreements on minimum and maximum stock levels, we will store your items in our distribution centre and ensure correct stock control.
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Product Information Services
Our product information services extend a Vendor Managed Inventory. We help you to maintain and update your own article database. This enables us, for example, to automatically identify discontinued products and quickly offer alternatives that meet the product's three F's ('Form, Fit and Function').
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Eplan data service
Electrical engineers rely on EPLAN. The platform counts as the standard for module and machine builders, mainly thanks to a manufacturer-fed product database. This provides engineers with plenty of choice, although the question of how they compile the correct material list within such a huge selection remains. How do they know for sure that what they select will actually be available and remain available?
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Technical Warehouse Advice
Well, you know what is in your warehouse. But do you know whether your warehouse is optimally equipped? Do you know whether the stock is stored in such a way that it costs you as little as possible? If not, ask for a technical warehouse advice from itsme. Your technical warehouse will turn into a well-organised logistics centre.
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Create insight with our tools
What can our solutions do for you? Which one is best for your organisation? We understand that you want some insight first. Bundled in a cost-benefit analysis that we will conduct for you with various tools. You decide which tool you choose. But you will always gain that insight.
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