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Partner Contact​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Are you curious as to how we can empower each other as a business partner, enabling our customers to benefit from our partnership to the maximum? Contact us now.

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Supplier responsibilities
As a value-add distributor we pursue long-term strategic relationships with our suppliers to bring ideas to life and make our customers succeed.
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About us
In 2010, the international itsme group itsme: Industrial Technology and Suppply for Mechanical and Electrical, took over over Breemes. As a result, the supply of technical and logistical services at Breemes has been expanded. In addition, cooperation with our sister companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania and Spain provides our customers with benefits such as: internationally agreed contractual agreements, state of the art technical solutions and sharing of best industry practices.
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Our customer advisors, technical specialists and logistics experts will gladly assist you personally with your commercial and technical concerns relating to our electrical and mechanical products, services and solutions.
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We support our customers in achieving success through the selection of and implementation of electrical and mechanical components and systems, services and logistics. Together with our technical support we ensure that customers are able to focus on their core activities.
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