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Technical Support Desk

Behind the Technical Support Desk are our product specialists. Real techies with in-depth knowledge of suppliers, industries and applications. They are experienced, provide training and know the practical challenges of machine manufacturers and industrial end users. Above all, they are there for you! They are ready to answer your questions. If the situation requires it, they will even come to you!

"Yes, we did it!"

Imagine what it's like here when a customer is successfully helped. Cheering is a regular occurrence. Call it a matter of commitment, of the ambition to help customers just right. Our colleagues in Technical Support understand the pressure you are under. They act accordingly and ensure that the all-important relationship of trust is maintained.

For E and M

What can you call for? For malfunctions, first of all. But also for advice. For example, about choosing a new component within your production environment. Do you need help configuring a PLC? Give us a call. In a nutshell: Technical Support is there for every question about your industrial automation, electrical engineering and mechanics. 

Get an immediate answer

Contact Technical Support in the event of a malfunction. When the situation calls for it, we look over your shoulder in real time and help you immediately. Approximately 70% of the problems can be tackled immediately. If your question is less urgent, we make a note of it and usually call you back within a few hours.

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In the fast changing world of industrial automation you like to stay informed. A training or expert-workshop would be logical, but the offer must correspond with what a programmer or service engineer wants to learn. Opt therefore for customised learning material, with one of more than 65 training packages provided by itsme Industrial Automation. You won’t so much learn from a trainer, but mainly from a technician. From somebody who knows your world and takes the practical as a starting point.
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Engineering support
itsme Industrial Automation knows your world. We don’t just say that, we also show it. When we visit you, we don’t take a passive approach; itsme Industrial Automation knows your world. We don’t just say that, we also show it. When we visit you, we don’t take a passive approach. We take action and get straight to work for you. That pro-activeness defines us. Its effectiveness can be clearly seen in our engineering support services.
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    Siemens - TIA Portal V19
    Siemens has introduced the latest version of its Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portal, TIA Portal V19, introduced. This version offers intuitive motion control and full integration of engineering, control and drives.
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    Danfoss - HVAC with 3D Building Information Modeling files
    Design your system faster with access to valuable drive information including 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) files for VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102. You can fully document your installation in AutoCAD Revit, to reduce the risk of errors, and save time on system design.
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