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Energy Check

Cost reduction, less CO₂ emissions: you have good reasons to save on energy. But where to start? How do you find out, for example, where an installation consumes the most energy? Ask us for an Energy Check. We measure your energy consumption per component or area and record our findings in a structured manner. The detailed overview that arises will help you discover which measures will enable you to make optimum savings. 

Get a grip on energy consumption

Our Energy Check includes:

  • a report with our findings
  • an assessment with advanced measuring equipment
  • an overview of our measurement results 
  • a discussion of possible improvements
  • an estimate of the time required in advance 


An Energy Check also helps you to save money, for example, by reducing the reactive power of your installations. This can also prevent a possible conflict with your energy supplier. Would you like to know more? Make an appointment with one of our experts.

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    Rittal cooling units BlueE+ S
    The Blue E+ S range of cooling units has now been now extended with 4 coolers which, despite having capacities of only 300, 500, 780 and 1000 watts, nevertheless have the same built-in hybrid refrigeration technology as the larger units. This combination of heat pipe- and inverter technology reduces the CO2 footprint by allowing energy savings of up to 75%. At low ambient temperatures, the heat pipe dissipates heat and reduces heat loss in the cabinet with the active cooling circuit switched off, thus keeping energy consumption very low. When cooling demand increases, however, this is met by activating an inverter-controlled cooling circuit. Together, this provides a cooling capacity perfectly matched to demand. The use of the refrigerant R-513A further reduces the CO2 footprint because its GWP (Global Warming Potential) is about 56% lower than that of traditional refrigerants.
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