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Danfoss, of Danish origin, has been developing and manufacturing technologies since 1933 that enable tomorrow's world to build a better future. Energy-efficient technologies enable communities and industries to create a healthier and more comfortable climate on land and on water and to provide more food with less waste.

Danfoss employs more than 40,000 employees worldwide for its Drives, Power Solutions and Climate Solutions business segments. 

Danfoss Drives has been a global leader in speed control of electric motors using variable speed drives for more than 50 years. In addition, Danfoss also fully focuses on the energy transition by developing and manufacturing "power converters" that are applied in converting energy from e.g. wind turbines, solar panels, batteries and hydrogen.

Through continuous innovation, as well as cooperation with partners, such as itsme, we are building a low-carbon future. Frequency inverters are ideally suited for controlling the speed of electric motors to match the required load. Even small changes in motor speed can lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Product groups

VLT® en VACON® AC drives
Danfoss frequency inverters are motor independent and can be combined with any type of PLC or fieldbus. MyDrive® Portfolio (Google Play/Apple Store) provides a simple overview of all drives and applications.
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Food & Beverage
Increase production and save energy with the most versatile AC drive on the market. With built-in security options and synchronization and positioning capabilities.
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For pump, fan or compressor applications, choose a frequency converter with specific HVAC functions such as fire mode, flow control, leak detection, bypass, cascade and back channel cooling.
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Knowledge groups

DrivePro® Life Cycle Service
Range of products specifically tailored to your business. Including Site Assessment, in which we, together with itsme, map the controllers and their condition at your production location during an on-site audit.
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Condition-based monitoring
Optimise the production process, using variable speed drives combined with sensor technology and predictive maintenance, where data does not need to be stored in a cloud.
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Harmonics, your problem?
Harmonics reduce reliability, cause downtime, affect product quality, increase operating costs and lead to lower productivity. Danfoss offers you various solutions.
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  • NEWS
    Well prepared
    You may think: "if my frequency drive fails, I'll order a new one right away". But is a one-to-one replacement still available? At what point do you want to have this information? When production stops, or perhaps a little earlier? You may not realise it, but a Danfoss AC drive often lasts more than 10 years.
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  • NEWS
    Danfoss VLT FC300
    Built to last, this robust drive operates effectively and reliably even with the most demanding applications and in the most challenging environments. VLT® AutomationDrive takes full advantage of all that the new digital age has to offer to ensure it completely fulfills the requirements of your applications and optimizes your processes throughout the entire lifecycle.
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  • NEWS
    Danfoss VLT FC280
    VLT Midi Drive FC 280 AC drive delivers precise and efficient motor control for machine builders in the food and beverage, material handling, and processing industries. It is strong on control performance, functional safety, and flexible fieldbus communication. It’s also an easy retrofit for the VLT 2800 in established plant or machinery concepts.
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  • NEWS
    Festo Simplified Motion
    Simplified Motion Series consists of different electromechanical components together with a simple and application-optimised combination of motor and servo drives, the so-called integrated drive. This solution does not require an external servo drive.
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