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Hoisting & Lifting

In industries such as logistics (transshipments), industry (metal), and construction, heavy loads have to be moved on a regular basis. Therefore, those sectors cannot do without hoisting and lifting. If something goes wrong, such as a load falling out of a crane, the personal and material consequences can be very serious. Safety therefore takes highest priority, and besides that continuity is also critical. If hoisting or lifting equipment is defective, work stops at the transshipment point, factory or construction site, with all the associated economic damage. 

Safety and continuity go hand in hand with good organisation of hoisting and lifting. It starts with the solid construction of cranes and other equipment, which have the corresponding burdens calculated for their tasks. That means selecting the right components for the initial installation and a robust assembly. Afterwards, inspection and maintenance should be performed carefully to identify possible failures early on and in that way prevent them. Obviously, all installations must meet the required certification requirements.

In addition to static construction, the dynamic operation of cranes and other installations is critical for safety. Control of the hoisting and lifting must ensure that the loads are transferred safely. Consider the stability of the load during relocation and determining the exact final destination. Reliable automation requires the deployment of quality components, critical systems that have been implemented redundantly, if necessary, and careful programming. 

With his broad expertise, the technical value-added distributor can advise on the topics of safety and continuity as well as efficient operation. Because hoisting and lifting is mainly considered a cost item after all. He provides the mechanical and electrotechnical supplies and uses smart logistics concepts for that. At the same time, innovation in this sector is also high on the agenda, due to strict regulations, constant pricing pressure and the need for sustainability. For this, the technical value-added distributor can deliver the technology required. And this is how this partner elevates the sector to even greater heights.

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