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Feasibility Check

What do you get out of new lighting when you have it installed in an existing location? Before making an investment, you are naturally curious about the return you can expect from it. With our feasibility study, we can inform you of this. We assess your current energy costs on the basis of drawings and data provided by you. If these data are not available, our consultants will visit your location to record the required values themselves.

Clearly laid out

Within a week, you will receive our offer for a feasibility study. This offer clearly states the prices and conditions. For the feasibility study, we use a tried and tested method in which the spaces of your location are classified according to their main features and degree of difficulty. This creates a clear picture of your potential energy savings and returns. You also receive advice on the next steps to take and, if necessary, an offer for a site survey.

Call our experts

Are you interested in a feasibility study? Make an appointment with one of our experts.

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Second opinion
You want security, also when it concerns the future lighting at your production location. So we’re happy to assess an existing lighting design, regardless of whether it concerns your future investment or the technical specifications of the lighting. After we receive the documentation from you, we assess if it is complete and send you a free offer for a report within one week.
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Lighting Technology
Economical and sustainable lighting helps you save. But where do you start for your product location? What will an investment in new lighting bring you and how quickly will you see a return? Within the enormous range of lighting solutions, it’s nice if you can rely on independent advice. Based on experiences and best practices - exactly the way itsme offers Lighting Technology.
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  • NEWS
    Sylvania - The waterproof IP66 total solution from Resisto
    Resisto, Sylvania's range of waterproof fixtures, excels in quality, offers improved ease of installation and functionality, and helps save more energy.
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  • NEWS
    The fluorescent tube goes out!
    The most striking measure is the phasing out of obsolete fluorescent lamps, such as T2, T8 and T12 (popularly known as TL tubes). Also notable is the phasing out of halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lamps (popularly known as low-energy lamps). These lighting sources must be replaced because they are not energy-efficient and because there are sufficient energy-efficient alternatives on the market. With this measure, the commission aims to save almost 42 TWh in 2030.
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