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Machine Documentation Service


You know the situation: during a project, the communication between all participants runs smoothly and efficiently. Alternatives are discussed and quick decisions made; settings are defined and the appropriate parameters assigned. And then, some time after commissioning, questions or problems arise. In the meantime, key employees have left the company to create serious difficulties.


Without careful documentation of your systems, not only your own operators are quickly blindfolded. Also, service companies or partners will try to reconstruct a configuration or restore a setting after a system crash or component replacement. And yet this scenario does not even consider regulatory requirements like keyword security certificates, customs documents or certificates of origin. For your projects, a clean and thorough documentation should be part of the project scope. We can help you with that. 


Virtual documentation will help you in a later stage as well. But we also support you with existing systems to create the related virtual documentation. In this way, your employees receive state-of-the-art visualization that not only helps to operate and maintain your systems, but also lets you work legally safe.


Together with our partners, after a documentation project, we provide you with information from your operations in real time, whenever and wherever you need it. You get a custom application that enhances operational efficiency with augmented reality, allowing the operator to transfer current data and virtual objects to a cabinet, machine, or facility.

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At itsme we are particularly fond of system integration. We mean that sincerely, we’re not just saying that. We love the combination of knowledge and technology and enjoy implementing it for our clients. Furthermore there is always a short term result. That’s how some of our clients achieved a 75% cost reduction in their transaction process. We get excited about these success stories. How about you?
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    TIA Portal Selection Tool
    Configure in an instant! Of course, you always need the optimal configuration to plan your project. For your application, we now offer seamless integration with the Siemens TIA selection tool to support all project planners, beginners and experts. No detailed portfolio knowledge required. TIA Selection Tool is available as an integrated part of our platform. So you immediately have access to your prices and conditions, you have insight into the availability of the products, you can easily add products to your personal order list and you see or create your own product data, so that these are printed on order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices.
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