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Industrial Technology and Supply for Mechanical and Electrical. We are an independent, technical provider of both Electrical and Mechanical products, services, and solutions, with a specific strength in motion and control applications. Our 550 dedicated employees in 5 countries help machine building; industrial end-users; module building and industrial installing companies to increase revenue, reduce risk and decrease cost.

We differentiate ourselves by offering both technology and supply: the unique combination of a very broad Mechanical and Electrical portfolio with proven logistical expertise, as well as state of the art automation technology know-how and expertise. With our strong IT backbone and logistical systems we can manage and control your supply, including long-tail. And our independent technical consultants help you to address your industrial automation challenges.

We look ahead, anticipate your needs and help you identify and solve your problems. And with more than 100years of experience, we bring ideas to life and make you succeed.


Our branch offices


itsme Breemes​​​​​​​
Vogelsancklaan 260 - B3520 Zonhoven, België

Telefoon +32 11 - 39 94 99
Fax +32 11 - 39 94 98
Email  info@breemes.be

itsme Breemes
Adolf Greinerstraat 12 - 2660 Hoboken, België 

Telefoon +32 3 - 740 50 73
Fax  +32 3 - 740 50 01
Email hoboken@breemes.be

Steurweg 2 - 4941 VR Raamsdonksveer | Postbus 128 - 4940 AC Raamsdonksveer, Nederland

Telefoon +31 76 - 578 28 00
Fax +31 76 - 587 26 24
Email  info@itsme.eu

itsme Schultz+Erbse
Feldmühlenstraße 41 | D-58099 Hagen, Duitsland

Telefoon +49 (0) 2331 361 0
Fax +49 (0) 2331 361 123
Email hamburg@schultzerbse.de

​​​​​​​itsme Elektres
Crta. ​​​​​​​Santa Coloma, 82 pis 2 | 17005 Girona, España

Telefoon +34 972 237 883
Fax +34 972 239 604
Email info@elektres.es

​​​​​​​itsme ESElektro Romania​​​​​​​
12 Muncii Blvd | RO - 400641, Cluj-Napoca, Romania​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Telefoon +40 (0) 364 416.333
Fax +40 (0) 364 416.333
Email info@eselektro.com

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Our customer advisors, technical specialists and logistics experts will gladly assist you personally with your commercial and technical concerns relating to our electrical and mechanical products, services and solutions.
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About us
In 2010, the international itsme group itsme: Industrial Technology and Suppply for Mechanical and Electrical, took over over Breemes. As a result, the supply of technical and logistical services at Breemes has been expanded. In addition, cooperation with our sister companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania and Spain provides our customers with benefits such as: internationally agreed contractual agreements, state of the art technical solutions and sharing of best industry practices.
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itsme Group
itsme is the family name for an international, independent group of five organizations. A group of companies that offer innovative technology and supply to industry, machine building, module builders and industrial installers. For both the design of new systems and the improvement of current installations, we help industrial companies to increase revenue, lower risks and reduce costs.
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Work at Breemes
Industrial Technology and Supply for Mechanical and Electrical. We are an independent value added distributor for industrial markets, expert in electro and mechanical products & services, systems and solutions with as strong presence in motion & control. For new systems or for the installed base, we help machine building; module building; maintaining and industrial installing companies to increase revenue, reduce risk and decrease cost.
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