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itsme Lighting Technology: our services for your lighting

It's clear that you can save money with economical and sustainable lighting. But where to start? What will an investment in new lighting yield and how quickly will it pay for itself? How to choose from the huge range of lighting solutions? What is the best way for my company to respond to the phase-out of lighting that contains hazardous substances and is insufficiently energy-efficient? (Remember fluorescent lamps are banned from 24 February and 24 August 2023).

For all your questions about lighting, contact itsme. itsme Lighting Technology provides independent advice based on years of experience and best practices.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Ask us about the best lighting situation for your factory. We are here for brownfields and greenfields, i.e. for existing and new sites. We help you save on maintenance and energy step by step. We also provide support with regard to safety and CO₂ reduction. If you are responsible for Quality, Health, Safety & Environment within your organisation, itsme Lighting Technology is your brand-independent consultant.   

Let light work for you

LED lighting, smart lighting: today's lighting provides tomorrow's yield. Get to know our lighting services: call one of our experts free of charge and receive a customised proposal.

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Second opinion
You want security, also when it concerns the future lighting at your production location. So we’re happy to assess an existing lighting design, regardless of whether it concerns your future investment or the technical specifications of the lighting. After we receive the documentation from you, we assess if it is complete and send you a free offer for a report within one week.
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Feasibility check
What does new lighting at an existing location, or brownfield, bring you? Before you commit to an investment, you probably want to know about its return. That is why we conduct our feasibility check, to offer you insight into your ROI. We assess your current energy costs on the basis of the drawings and numbers that you supply. Are these unavailable? Then our consultants will come to your location and measure the values.
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Savings with lighting stand or fall with availability. Only then can itsme conduct a site survey of your existing product location. Think of drawings, photos and the amount of square metres. Unable to quickly gather this information? No problem. With a site survey preparation we can still gather all the required information.
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Sustainability targets within existing production locations is high on the agenda within our industry. The same goes for lighting, which still often consists of conventional fluorescent lights. With a site survey, itsme evaluates the yield of lighting at an existing location, or a brownfield. Intended for zero measurement, as a basis for the design of a new light situation.
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Does a site survey confirm the viability of new lighting in and around your existing factory? Or do you want lighting to achieve an optimal yield at your new location? With a design by itsme you undertake a structured effort to achieve the desired or required lighting situation. We design and calculate, differentiate between the function of spaces and take the specific norms into account.
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Tendering products/services
Usually, your purchasing department has little to do with lighting. So the question remains how to realize our lighting design. Do you want to spend your valuable time on this? Or do you prefer to rely on a trusted lighting advisor? Use our tendering support. While we fully support you, you keep your focus. A profitable idea.
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Subsidy support
Your investment in lighting pays for itself. Certainly when you can use of subsidies and thus shorten the payback time. But how do you qualify for this? What do you have to deliver? With subsidy support by itsme Lighting Technology you do not have to arrange this yourself. Instead, you save time. And you benefit from a successful application.
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Lighting Acceptance Test
The new lighting at your production location must of course meet all your expectations. Does the actual situation correspond with what you have received? And what agreements apply to the warranty? Create clarity between you and the manufacturer and ask us for a light acceptance test.
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Periodic check-up
An investment in new lighting is a long-term investment. You save over the years, especially when you consider that led lighting will last you 4 to 5 times longer than conventional lighting. But how do you know that you will really see an actual return on investment? How does lighting in your factory not only pay off now, but also in the future?
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