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TIA Selection Tool

Configure in an instant

Of course, you always need the optimal configuration to plan your project. For your application, we now offer seamless integration with the Siemens TIA Sselection Tool to support all project planners, beginners and experts. No detailed portfolio knowledge required. TIA Selection Tool is available as an integrated part of our platform. So you immediately have access to your prices and conditions and you have insight into the availability of the products. You can easily add products to your personal order list and you see or create your own product data, so that these are printed on order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices. So much benefit, so easy to use!

Ordering made easy

And you can always use the TIA Selection Tool, whether you are logged in or not. If you want to order the configured items, you must of course log in. Have you not yet registered on our platform? Then please register here. You will then receive an activation link, set your password and take immediate advantage of the many benefits that our platform offers you, including of course ordering the items you have configured in the TIA Selection Tool.


• Configure a complete project. A manual is not necessary
• Easily visualise your configuration

Up to date

• The tool always provides the most recent product portfolio
• Order directly or create an order list through the seamless integration with our platform


• The selection wizard with built-in consistency check prevents annoying errors
• Store your frequently used configurations in a library

So start your configuration today and benefit from the many advantages of the TIA Portal Selection Tool!



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How does it work?

​​​​​​​With a few simple steps:
1.    Click on the button at the bottom of this page and go to the TIA Selection Tool
2.    Make your configuration in the TIA Selection Tool

3.    For an overview of the items in your configuration, click Orderlist

4.    To transfer these items to the Breemes shopping cart, click on Shopping cart transfer
        Please be patient....With big configurations, it may take a some time for your configuration to load

If you are logged in:

•    The products of your configuration are added to your cart. If you already had products in your cart, the configured products will appear below them.
•    You can make adjustments to products and quantities.
•    Any items with a price on request will appear in the “My price requests” tab.
•    Tip: if you order a configuration frequently, you can save it from your cart as an order list or add it to an already existing order list.​​​​​​​

If you are not logged in:

If you are not logged in when you access the TIA Selection Tool from this page, the items of your configuration will also be added to your cart. You then have 2 choices:
1. You log in
You will then enter our platform on our homepage. The configured products have been added to your shopping cart. If you already had products in your cart, you will see a notification on our homepage.
2. Click on checkout at the bottom of the page
Now, you also log in first, but then you immediately jump to the checkout page. If you already had items in your cart, you will see a notification on this page.