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Safety first

Welcome to our theme page Safety First!

Safety at work is not just about working with safe and approved means (such as the use of machines, tools, equipment and installations), safe behavior is just as important. Clear information, clear work instructions, the correct use of resources and regular maintenance and inspection - often mandatory - increase safety. Employers and employees are jointly responsible for this.

itsme keeps you informed through news articles and webinars. The first webinar, in collaboration with Kader, took place on April 8! Keep an eye on this webpage and do not miss out on our upcoming webinars!

We also provide education and advice all types of products from the leading brands to ensure a safe working environment!

Siemens - How easy do you want it to be?
In the age of Industry 4.0, production lines must not only be highly flexible, they must also be available at all times and be cost-efficient. At the same time, they have to meet the necessary safety requirements. As the market demands on the manufacturing industry increase, so do the challenges for machine builders. The world of automation is changing. Processes have become faster, tasks more complex and digitisation is now a basic requirement. Only an integrated approach can lead to a lasting competitive advantage. Today the TIA Portal is more than an engineering framework.
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ABB - Clean, lean & mean
In the global food market, Dutch machine builders and OEMs stand out for their high-quality machines. Machines that are often built to customer specifications and provide a safe working environment for personnel. Machine safety is high on the agenda during the development and construction of the machines.
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Lighting in an emergency
A safe work environment with the Harmony Illuminated emergency stop button An emergency stop button is a mechanism that can be used to stop a machine's operation in one action. Directives require the mandatory installation of an emergency stop button at least at each machine control station. Schneider Electric introduces a new range of illuminated emergency stop buttons that contribute to a safer working environment. The purpose of the emergency stop is that its use leads to a safe situation. Due to the increasing need for efficiency and safety in the workplace, Schneider Electric introduces a new range of illuminated emergency stop buttons. Additionally, accessories become available to easily upgrade existing emergency buttons to an illuminated E-Stop.
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The new Quint DC UPS uninterruptible power supply can be integrated into established networks, and continues to supply systems without interruption even in the event of a mains failure. It can be integrated into your network easily and flexibly, thanks to the integrated interface for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT or USB. The device is available with all network technologies in each of the four performance classes 5 A, 10 A, 20 A und 40 A.
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Leuze plays it safe!
With its long-standing presence in the field of machine safety, Leuze is a proven specialist with its non-contact detection solutions
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Siemens - From simple to software!
Got a simple system that you need to keep safe to SIL 3 and PL e levels? Look no further than the SIRIUS 3SK1 Series!
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Ditch the clipboard
The convenience of thermal imaging cameras in case you have a lot of checks to do
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As guest speaker, Kader and its subsidiary D&F Consulting provide a substantive contribution to our webinars on the themes of Working Conditions & RI&E, Machine Safety and Functional Safety (SIL / PL).

About Kader and D&F Consulting

Kader helps to achieve organizational objectives in the areas of quality, safety and health & safety, environment and CSR and information security. They do this through advice, guidance, training, interim and software solutions. Kader is an organization with almost 200 employees divided over:

  • Framework Management Systems & Certification
  • Framework HSE Management
  • Training Framework
  • AAB: practical training in the field of safety, health and safety, environment, management and communication;
  • D&F Consulting: an expertise bureau in the field of machine safety, process safety and safety culture;
  • Smile: online software for controlling risks.