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FD/FE/FG-Shunt Release 48V AC/DC

  1. GE 7GSP028781R0003 8719307

Price on request

Releases The shunt releases can be fitted easily and quickly in a specifically designed accessory compartment which is accessible by removing the breaker lid. This fully insulated compartment has several pouches one of which is reserved for a shunt release indicated by a symbol printed in the breaker case and on the auxiliary device itself. External wiring can be brought into the accessory compartment through - specifically designed and positioned - break out openings in the breaker lid, or can go through channels in the breaker rear. Ones this is done the wiring can be stripped and easily connected to the box terminals on the internal accessories. These terminals are designed to connect wiring up to 2,5mm². The devices are designed to trip the breaker when its contacts are closed and the handle indicates the "ON" position. When the breaker contacts are open and the breaker handle indicates "OFF" or "TRIP" activating the releases will have no effect.