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FD-RCD DiffSide-3p 400-690V

  1. GE 7GSP029230R0003 8719373

Price on request

A record plus circuit breaker can offer protection against earth leakage currents by using an add-on residual current device (RCD). A line of three and four poles completely integrated add-on devices are available as side mounted models (FD frame size) or as units that are fitted below the trip unit of the breaker (FD, FE and FG frame sizes). Earth RCD has a sensor placed around the phase and neutral current paths that detects the vectorial sum of the phase and neutral currents. When this sum is no longer zero it is assumed that current is flowing to earth (residual current). If this value exceeds the threshold set on the RCD the breaker connected to the device is tripped. The RCD unit's electrical power is supplied by the line voltage of the breaker it is linked to. By use of a multi-phase bridge the design still works when one phase and the neutral is present. A pouch on the RCD allows one to place one BAT contact NO or NC which allows a remote signal on earth faults.