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FE-Rotary Handle through cover/panel Standard

  1. GE 7GSP031115R0003 8719477

Price on request

The Record Plus rotary handle is specifically designed to allow the user to change the linear motion of the breaker to a rotation over a 90 degree angle. This can be accomplished by simply adding an adaption box to the breaker front. The design is universal for the whole breaker line and has the "OFF" position placed at 3 o'clock and the "ON" position at 6 o'clock. The third breaker position "TRIP" is located between the "ON" and the "OFF" position. The design has room for two early closing and late opening contact blocks that, in order to save installation time, are delivered pre-mounted and pre-wired with a specific rotary-handle device. Each Record Plus rotary handle is designed to allow the user to place one to three 5 to 8 mm padlocks to lock the breaker in the "OFF" position.