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FE250-TripUnit 4P 3trips Thermal Magnetic Generator - 160A

  1. GE 7GSP028976R0003 8718597

Price on request

FE250 breaker - SMR1 type Trip units are available in 10 different versions depending on the frame rating and the network frequency.-FE160 frame size 50/60Hz 25, 63, 125 and 160A-FE250 frame size 50/60Hz 125, 160 and 250A 400 cycle variants (available on request)-FE160 - 125 and 160A, FE 250 - 250A The trip units must be equipped with a rating plug that establishes the rated current of the protective device and its setting. A colour code and a mechanical interlock prevent incorrect combinations of electronic trip units and rating plugs. The 50/60Hz and 400Hz variants use the same rating plug. For special applications a version with disabled LT or overload protection is available complete with a specific rating plug.