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FG-Plug in Front connection fixed parts 3P

  1. GE 7GSP028870R0003 8719609

Price on request

The record plus plug-in version allows quick, safe and easy interchange of breakers. It is made up of a standard fixed-front-connection breaker, a set of plugs, a trip mechanism fitted to the breaker and a Monoblock base into which the breaker is plugged. When the breaker is removed from the plug-in base it trips automatically (main contacts open) before the plug-in contact in the base are disconnected. The breaker can be operated (closed and opened) when removed from the plug-in base. On attempted insertion of a breaker in the ON position into the plug-in base, the Record Plus breaker trips before the plug-in contacts in the base are connected. The Record Plus plug-in version is available for: FD frame sizes FD63/160 (maximum 125 Amps) FE frame sizes FE160/250 (maximum 250 Amps) FG frame sizes FG400/630 (maximum 630 Amps) FD and FE frame sizes equipped with bottom mounted RCD unit can also be transformed into the plug-in version.