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FK-Door flange Drawout system

  1. GE 7GSP030193R0003 8719694

Price on request

Drawout version allows one to visibly and positively disconnect the mains supply form the installation. Like on the plus-in device, interchanging breakers quickly, safely and effectively is one of the key features of Record Plus drawout. It is made up of a breaker ("standard" fixed front connection version), a set of plugs and a trip mechanism that are fitted to the breaker, a Monoblock base into which the breaker is plugged and a metal support cradle. The cradle allows for placing the breaker in on of the three positions : Connected Main and auxiliary contacts are fully connected to the base. Test Main contacts are disconnected. Auxiliaries can be connected or disconnected. This allows for a complete test of the secondary wiring/functionality without having the mains disconnected. Withdrawn Main and auxiliary contacts are fully disconnected from the metal support cradle and the plug-in base.