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FK800-Withdrawable type Convert Set fixed to DrawOut 3pole front

  1. GE 7GSP029810R0003 8719682

Price on request

Drawout version allows one to visibly and positively disconnect the mains supply form the installation. Like on the plus-in device, interchanging breakers quickly, safely and effectively is one of the key features of Record Plus drawout. It is made up of a breaker ("standard" fixed front connection version), a set of plugs and a trip mechanism that are fitted to the breaker, a Monoblock base into which the breaker is plugged and a metal support cradle. The cradle allows for placing the breaker in on of the three positions : Connected Main and auxiliary contacts are fully connected to the base. Test Main contacts are disconnected. Auxiliaries can be connected or disconnected. This allows for a complete test of the secondary wiring/functionality without having the mains disconnected. Withdrawn Main and auxiliary contacts are fully disconnected from the metal support cradle and the plug-in base.