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EME goes for focus and hands over part of its distribution and customer portfolio to itsme Breemes

A strategic partial acquisition of the customer portfolio of EME nv (Electro Mechanic Equipment), distributor of Siemens automation products, will expand itsme Breemes' customer base. 

From February 2024, EME will transfer part of its operations and customer portfolio to itsme Breemes. Specifically, this is a transfer of component sales related to Siemens industrial automation systems and drive technologies. EME has been active in this sector since 1984 and, with this takeover, is therefore transferring a large chunk of history to itsme Breemes. 

Combined forces
This transfer offers existing EME customers the high-quality service that EME, as a valued partner of SIEMENS, has always offered. On top of that, these companies now also get access to the very extensive product portfolio of itsme Breemes. This allows various products from different suppliers to be seamlessly integrated, resulting in even better tailor-made solutions for the customer. 

The transfer allows EME to focus on its core business: power engineering which splits into two business units.

“Differentiation and specialisation will increasingly make the difference in a rapidly changing world where digitalisation and technology are central.”          

Kurt Colin, CEO itsme Breemes, on the transfer

The first branch includes medium-voltage switch-disconnectors and bespoke load separators within the range of 1.5 to 52kV & 400 to 7200A. From an autonomous production cell with its own design department, this ISO 9001-certified business unit produces more than 1,800 switch-disconnectors and plate-mounted switch-disconnectors. This involves more than 125 different variants, mainly intended for export.

The other branch involves building multidisciplinary applications in the field of industrial power distribution. As a grid decoupling specialist, EME supplies hundreds of grid decoupling and power limiting relays every year. Among other things, the company develops complete grid disconnection boards for decentralised power generation, power boards and complex protection boards for various applications.  

We look forward to strengthening our position in the market and increasing our customer base with this acquisition. The combined expertise of Breemes and EME will form the basis for innovative solutions and high-quality services in the world of industrial automation. 

We are committed to serving the acquired customers with the same dedication as Thierry Vandereycken's EME has always done. "We will also offer them access to our wide range of other products so they can opt for a single, seamlessly integrated solution," said Kurt Colin, CEO of Breemes. "We are convinced that differentiation and specialisation will increasingly make the difference in a rapidly changing world, where digitalisation and technology are central."

“After 40 years, the market and distribution business has evolved to such an extent that it has become a business in itself for a distribution specialist like itsme Breemes.”          

Thierry Vandereycken, CEO of EME

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