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CPX-HART module

to be used as analogue input and output


The proven CPX platform has been extended with the CPX-HART analogue module! This analogue module features four channels that can be set as inputs or outputs as required. This makes it possible to combine the advantages of analogue and digital technology in terms of robustness, configurability and fault diagnosis. In addition, a device driver is available with which the CPX remote I/O can be connected to the PROFIBUS and PROFINET fieldbuses.

Central to Industry 4.0 is the communication between various technical elements. This means directly that the possibility to communicate via different protocols offers added value for machine builders and users. For this reason, among others, Festo has expanded the well-known and proven IP65/67 CPX platform with a HART module.


HART is the abbreviation of Highway Addressable Remote Transducer and is a protocol used to control or parameterise smart field instrumentation in process technology. It is therefore specifically tailored to two- and three-wire elements that are often used in process technology.

The protocol uses a digital signal that is modulated to a 4 - 20 mA signal and with which two-way communication is possible. In this way, the user combines the simplicity, reliability and robustness of a 4 - 20 mA interface with the possibilities of diagnosis and simple parameterisation associated with a digital interface.

Four channels

The analogue CPX-HART module has four channels that can be set (configured) as inputs or outputs via DIL switches. These inputs and outputs can switch at 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA and 4 - 20 mA with HART protocol; depending on the selected module. Furthermore, up to four secondary HART variables (PV, SV, TV and QV) can be included in the process cycle. Possible errors are indicated via LEDs and the CPX diagnostic capabilities.

Finally, a device driver is available to connect the CPX remote I/O to a PROFIBUS or PROFINET link.

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