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Phoenix Contact - mGuard Security routers make OT networks secure

Phoenix Contact's new Gigabit Security routers combine proven mGuard security technology with new high-performance hardware. Our Security-Routers are deployed to protect industrial networks from unauthorized access or malware intrusion.

The new Security-Routers have an increased data throughput of nearly 1000 Mbit/s creating a high level of security without speed limitations. The proven mGuard security technology enables the control and protection of communications within production networks. The new routers are functionally compatible with current mGuard Security Routers as much as possible. This makes it easy to use in existing applications. The FL mGuard 2102 is recommended for machine and plant builders who want fast integration into the production network in addition to secure remote maintenance. The FL mGuard 4302, in addition to securing the OT network infrastructure, also enables the efficient management of many mGuard security routers within a factory. Security router FL mGuard 2100/4300

Powerful Security Appliance for industrial networks

The mGuard security routers protect your industrial network from unauthorized human access or malicious software thanks to comprehensive security features. Proven mGuard security technology allows you to control and secure communications within your production network.

Key features

- The high throughput of mGuard security routers achieves data rates close to 1000 Mbit/s
- Comprehensive security features such as Stateful Inspection Firewall, Network Address Translation and Stealth mode
- The central management software mGuard Device Manager enables simple and efficient configuration, maintenance and operation of an installation, especially with a large number of installed mGuard security routers


- Thanks to the high processing speed of the mGuard security routers, the data flow within your network is not slowed down
- High level of security through proven mGuard security technology and more than 20 years of experience in Cyber Security
- Long-term software maintenance and high security through timely updates enable years of use


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