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Schneider Electric - ClimaSys: prevent downtime and contribute to a better climate

Downtime is often caused by overheating. With good cabinet climate control, you can prevent this. In addition, good climate control ensures a sustainable solution. It has been shown that components last up to two times longer at the right operating temperature.

Prevention of failures 

Ensuring continuity and increasing productivity are often goals of factories. This comes down to preventing breakdowns that can lead to downtime. Proper climate control within the cabinet is essential here. If components overheat, this can lead to downtime or shortened service life. Downtime is often caused by overheating. You can prevent this with proper temperature management. Want to make the right choices when it comes to climate control?


Did you know that with proper climate control, you are doing your part to ensure sustainability? Components have been shown to last up to two times longer at the right operating temperature. If certain components such as a variable speed drive become 10 degrees Celsius too hot then the service life can be halved. By extending the service life of costly components, you are contributing to the climate and to your own wallet.

Polluted environments 

In certain industrial segments, you often have to deal with polluted environments. With an air to air exchanger, Schneider Electric ensures that contaminated air does not enter the cabinet and cannot cause damage. With a calculation in ProClima, they can select the right cooling system.

ClimaSys Smart Ventilation System 

When an enclosure is in a greasy or dusty environment, filters can become clogged. This causes reduced ventilation with a risk of overheating. To prevent this, Schneider Smart ventilation CSVS fans can be installed with an LED indicator and a dry contact to the PLC. This allows you to see when a filter mat is clogged and replace it in time.

Condensation and dew point measurement 

One of the reasons for corrosion is condensation. In case of corrosion, a dew point measurement can be done with a data logger. With a heating mat, condensation can be kept outside the cabinet. In addition, the IP value can be checked, this is part of a Quick Scan.

Quick scan 

In practice, sometimes extensions are made or there are things that were not taken into account in the design. For example, heat dissipation may be higher than expected or the cabinet arrangement may be different than planned. Schneider's Sales Specialists can do a quick scan on site to identify possible causes of failure due to overheating.


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