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Sylvania - Granit Gen2, a versatile and efficient industrial highbay luminaire

Visual comfort for increased productivity

The new generation of Sylvania Granit high bay luminaires offer high efficiency and long life. The range is perfect for replacing HID 250-400W industrial luminaires or for new industrial installations. The range, with IP65/IK08 protection, is offered with four different luminous fluxes (13Klm, 19.5Klm, 26Klm, 31Klm), in two beam angles (55° and 85°) and in a 0-10V and a DALI version.

These compact, round luminaires, with an aluminium housing and robust polycarbonate lens, combine powerful light output with ease of use. With a UGR<25 (85°), UGR<22 (55°), Sylvania Granit complies with the EN 12464 standard.  You can choose between neutral white (4000K) and cool white (6500K) colour temperatures.

Long service life

Luminaires in logistics warehouses are often very difficult to access, making it time-consuming and costly to replace faulty luminaires. Sylvania Granit has an excellent service life of 90,000 hours (L80B50), which reduces maintenance and therefore downtime to an absolute minimum.

Smart and energy efficient 

To optimise the energy performance of your installation in a very simple way, you can add a central microwave module (MW) or opt for a SylSmart Connected version.  The MW sensor can be used in combination with the 0-10V versions and is easily programmable using an optional remote control. Important advantage, the installer can keep the existing power cables, no additional data wiring is required.

Wide choice and easy installation

The different reflectors give a more decorative look, but also increase visual comfort by reducing glare. You can choose between an aluminium reflector with an aluminium or black finish or a transparent PC reflector. The 1 metre chain and 1.5 metre cord supplied as standard ensure easy installation. A mounting bracket is also available as an accessory.

Safety guaranteed

ENEC certified, the new Sylvania Granit range is a highly durable and energy efficient lighting solution, making it the first choice for installers and contractors.

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