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Smallest dimensions,  maximum precision: mini slide DGST.

Small but strong: the DGST is the smallest of its kind and the shortest slide drive on the market. However, it is strong when it comes to precision, forces, motion control, durability and reliability. For maximum torsional rigidity, the yoke and slide are a single part and the sensors and cushioning are fully integrated.

​​​​​​​Integrated sensors and cushioning

The mini slide is fitted with a twin piston. A basic cushioning system decelerates this in the end positions so that smaller loads can be moved without needing external cushioning. In addition to the standard basic cushioning, the mini slide is also available with two other cushioning variants: adjustable polymer cushioning and adjustable shock absorbers. The cushioning retainers are integrated in the basic design in such a way that the shock absorbers – like the sensors in their slots – do not protrude in the cross section.

Maximum repetition accuracy

The slide and yoke unit is manufactured as a single part, making it very torsionally rigid. In combination with the backlash-free yoke connection and the ball guide, the end result is a technically optimised system with extremely small tolerances and very high repetition accuracy.

​​​​​​​Core product range at an attractive price

​​​​​The DGST offers all these characteristics and benefits at an attractive price: 80% of the requirements for simple motions can be covered with the components from our core product range. Look out for the star that represents our core product range!

Even greater in ultra-flat handling systems

On its own, the DGST is small, powerful and precise. Combine it with the rodless linear drive DLGF and you get an ultra-flat handling system, without needing adapter plates to connect the drives.
It demonstrates its strengths in tasks involving precise pushing, picking, inserting and positioning as well as in press-fitting and clamping operations. This handling system consisting of the DGST and DLGF is also ideal for guided movements of small and large payloads or if large transverse loads have to be absorbed during linear movements.

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