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DSG counts on Breemes, also for the long tail

Belgium-based DSG is considered an all-round service provider in industrial electricity. The company offers tailored services to its customers, while relying on the availability and timely delivery of parts to meet this objective. Difficult? Not if you keep focusing on your strengths and outsource the search for products in the long tail to a partner like Breemes. The result is a considerable time gain.

Who is still able to distinguish themselves with something many others can also do? Showing who you are when it really matters; these days, that’s where the added value lies. At DSG, they’re all too aware of this. You can clearly call the company located in Aartselaar, a town just below Antwerp, an expert in electricity. DSG can design, assemble and install any facility, from low to high voltage. Measurements, inspections, as well as rental through subsidiary GENS Rental: the company does it all. And it does so for an extensive range of customers who rely on a company that provides full support in almost everything concerning energy and electricity. Manager Jef van den Brande is proud to elaborate.

"We do a lot of work at the port, but we are also increasingly active in the horticultural sector. Particularly in that sector, innovations such as LED lighting are booming. That actually suits us, we love those special jobs, assignments that others are less eager to take on."

‘We love those special jobs’

Tackling each challenge. No nonsense. Being there in cases of urgency. This makes DSG the organisation it is today. The foundation is the Projects Department, which focuses on new-build and reconstruction of companies, among other things. But that concerns assignments with long-term planning, and there are also customers that require quick adaptability, being flexible and stepping up to get the job done quickly. Customers can turn to DSG day and night to fix a malfunction, for instance. Here, too, the company likes to showcase its Service Department that is becoming increasingly important, says central purchaser Erwin Heesen.

‘Projects are becoming more complex and customers don’t always have sufficient knowledge about electricity. So we take care of these concerns with a service package that is as extensive as possible.’

Support under pressure

Precisely because it has this type of service department, DSG doesn’t keep the customer waiting for long. A short-term solution is crucial because the customer needs to move forward. DSG is fully committed to this. And just as the company delivers this service to customers, it expects the same from its suppliers.

‘They have to adapt to what we do,’ says Jef. ‘It’s not even about getting parts at an attractive price, it’s mostly about providing support under pressure and actually being there. That’s what DSG needs to depend on. So that’s also the basis of our collaboration with Breemes. I don’t really see it as a relationship between a customer and a supplier, but mainly as a partnership. Breemes understands our interests.’

‘Our partners have to adapt to what we do’

If a product isn’t available, the company will have to conduct an extensive search. In fact, research shows that a lot of companies spend around 80% of their effort on items that only represent 20% of the total value. Of course this situation doesn’t always apply to DSG but still, being a central purchaser, Erwin absolutely knows how important it is that deliveries are made on time.

‘If a product isn’t available, a supplier can’t wait a couple of weeks to let us know. I’d much rather hear as quickly as possible which alternatives are available, so we can move on. In the end, it all comes down to clear delivery times, timely deliveries and transparent agreements. Breemes offers all of this. The company is an extension of our Purchase Department, which saves us a lot of time.’

A question of mindset

Indeed, it is such tedious searches that set Breemes apart, says branch manager Kurt Colin. ‘We want customers to value us because of our service and correct way of working. And with that drive we, in turn, pass on the benefits to our partners. Trust, open communication, going the extra mile to find that exact product: all that is much more important than the lowest price. In that respect, our mindset is quite similar to that of a customer like DSG. We are standing by day and night to provide fast and accurate work; in my opinion that’s a strong symbiosis.’

Jef agrees with Kurt and is pleased to add:

‘After all, we don’t so much work with the company Breemes, but really with the company’s people. We know each other well and we’re not afraid to be honest with each other. Regarding the personal touch, I’m convinced that it will only improve our collaboration.’

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