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Manually and mechanically actuated valves VMEF/VHEF

Direct control!

Whether the mechanism is triggered by a workpiece, a component or a person, manual or mechanical valves are the most direct way to control a process. There is no energy to convert, no additional response times, no long cables. The actuated plunger switches the valve and triggers the next step in the process. The new series now comes with many functions for use directly in the field.

Mechanical principles

The essence of any mechanical device is an accurate response. That is exactly why this mechanical system is designed to respond with precision. It can therefore be installed without backlash in just a few steps.


Applications in the field

A manual or mechanical valve must be optimally designed and capable of withstanding loads to allow for the occasional harsh conditions found in the field. You can rely on the new VMEF/VHEF series even these circumstances. They ensure smooth processes without unduly straining your budget.


  • Precise mechanical system
  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Ergonomic, reliable operation
  • Minimal actuating forces
  • Modern design​​​​​​​

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