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DC contactor, 2 N/O, 2 NC, 1000 V: 600 A, RDS 250: 110 - 250 V 40 - 60 Hz/110 - 350 V DC, AC and DC operation

  1. EATON DILDC600/22(RDS250) 8878814
DC contactor, device for world markets: UL/CSA, CCC, compact dimensions, comfort series with the option of being directly actuated via PLC, with integrated suppressor circuit in the actuation electronics, conforms to IEC/EN 60947, with AC/DC wide-voltage-range coil, electronically controlled, minimized pick-up and hold-in power, enhanced electromagnetic compatibility, control cable connections with screw terminals, 2 N/O 2 N/C auxiliary contacts installed, safe isolation as per EN 61140, interlocked opposing contacts, screw fixing, can be used for up to 1000 V, IP00 degree of protection, finger-safe with terminal cover as per EN 50274, mechanical life of 1 million switching operations, available accessories: side-mounting auxiliary contact module