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Earth-fault release, 0.03-3A, 4p, right

  1. EATON NZM1-4-XFIR 8081508
Optional accessories for the circuit-breaker series NZM offers a comprehensive portfolio of application options for use world wide. The mounting is always flexible and easy thanks to the modular function groups. Notes: approved according to IEC/EN 60947-2 not UL/CSA approved. Suitable for use in three- and single-phase systems. Pulse current sensitive according to core-balance principle. For 3 and 4 pole NZM1(-4) circuit-breakers and switch-disconnectors N1(-4).mains voltage independent Ue = 200 .. 415 V 50/60 Hz. At I △n = 0.03 A: delay time t v always fixed setting to 10 ms. Warning message <gt/> 30 % I △n by yellow LED. Trip indication max. 2 auxiliary contacts (HIAFI) can be fitted by user: N/O = M22-K01, N/C = M22-K10 are reset via the reset button. If the trip-indicating auxiliary contact in the fault current block is used, the N/C contacts operates as a N/O contact and the N/C contact operates as an N/O contact. Double contact not permissible. Not in combination with insulated enclosure or main switch assembly kit for side panel mounting with mounting bracket. NZM1-XFI...R can not be used in combination with lower cover NZM1-XUSA.NZM1-XFI…U not in combination with shunt or undervoltage release, early-make auxiliary contacts. Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity is determined by fitted NZM1, NS1. When using a switch-disconnector N1, by the back-up fuse to be used. See technical data. Can be used for NZM1-4, N1-4