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Neutral conductor, leading switching for front mounting, for 160 A and

  1. SIEMENS 3LD9240-0B 8149395
Neutral conductor, leading switching for Front mounting, Accessory for main and emergency-off switch 3LD23/24 for 160A - 250A and for molded case switch 3LD5 UL for 100A - 150A The 3LD main and emergency switching-off switch as a maintenance switch for safe disconnection of loads in a wide variety of environments. There are numerous possible applications for the 3LD disconnector units. After disconnects from the grid, they ensure safe activation of all of the electrical equipment, thus switch, for example, to three-phase motors, but also air-conditioning and ventilation systems. 3LD have proven themselves in many fields, particularly in processing machines in mechanical and conveyor system engineering, and in the chemical sector and food and beverage industries. www.siemens.com/switching-devices. Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices, distribution systems as well as switches and sockets for safe and efficient electrical infrastructure in buildings and industry.