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Star-delta contactor combination, 380 V 400 V: 5.5 kW, 24 V DC, DC ope

  1. EATON SDAINLM12(24VDC) 8084260
Star-delta contactor combination, Application: Star-delta motor starting for contactor combinations, Operating frequency: maximum 30 starts per hour, Accessories: Star-delta combinations SDAINL, Utilization category: NAC-3: Normal AC induction motors: starting, switch off during running, Rated operational current AC-3 380 V 400 V: Ie= 12 A, Max. rating for three-phase motors, 50 - 60 Hz AC-3 220 V 230 V: P= 3 kW, 380 V 400 V: P= 5.5 kW, 500 V: P= 5.5 kW, 660 V 690 V: P= 5.5 kW, Max. changeover time: 20 s, Actuating voltage: 24 V DC, Voltage AC/DC: DC operation, Individual components of the combination Mains contactor Q11: DILM7-10, + DILA-XHI20, Delta contactor Q15: DILM7-01, + DILA-XHI20 Part no., Star contactor Q13: DILM7-01, + DILA-XHI20 Part no., Timing relay K1: ETR4-51 Part no., Notes: Also suitable for motors with efficiency class IE3., IE3-ready devices are identified by the logo on their packaging.