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RCBO Residual current circuit breaker DPA100 1P+N 32A C 30mA UL

  1. GE 2CDB333201R1324 8256556
Series DP: Residual Current Circuit Breakers with Overcurrent Protection. People protection against the risk of electrocution and property protection against the risk of an electrical fire. Also with overcurrent protection. Features and benefits: In accordance with EN/IEC 61009-1- Recognized UL 1053, UL file E248309. Maximum voltage AC (V) 240 or 277. Fault current withstand (kA) 5 (277V), 10 (240V). Thermal settings In (A) 10-32. Residual current IΔ n (mA) 10, 30, 100, 300. Tripping characteristic B-C- Selectivity class 3. Rated maximum voltage AC Un (V) 240. Minimum operating voltage U bmin (V) 100. Nuisance tripping resistance: 250A 8/20μs, 200A 0,5μs-100kHz. Making and breaking capacity (EN/IEC 61009-1) Im = 6000A. Residual making and breaking capacity (EN/IEC 61009-1) Icn = 5000/10000A at 230V. Short-circuit capacity (EN/IEC 60947-2) Icu = 15000A at 230V. CEBEC and UL approval