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SIPLUS IPC With conformal coating based on 6AG4140-4DK04-3AB0

  1. SIEMENS 6AG1140-4DK04-4AB3 9129766

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SIPLUS IPC 427D with conformal coating based on 6AG4140-4DK04-3AB0 . SIMATIC IPC427D (Microbox PC), HD graphic onboard, 24 V DC power supply Core I3-3217UE 2x Gbit Ethernet (IE/PN) PROFIBUS DP 12 2 GB with NVRAM WIN Embedded Standard 7, 32 bit CFAST 8 GB, without internal mass storage WinAC RTX 2010 SP2 SIPLUS extreme IPCs are protected by their Conformal Coating against biologically, chemically and physically active substances and against condensation and frost. As a result, your components always perform reliably even under harsh ambient conditions.